Online Coaching And Nutrition

All 6 Fitness training plans are 100% customized to fit your fitness level and your fitness needs. We have a developed a specific progressive system of accountability that will help you build independence in your fitness training. Our #1 goal is to teach our clients how to create a new normal, so that what you do most of the time, both with exercise and nutrition, is a big improvement over what you used to do. So if you're looking for motivation and accountabilty, or just a plan to follow while in your gym, we have something for everyone.

ALL Plans Include:

- 100% Customized Strength And Conditioning Programming Build Around Your Goals, Needs, And Schedule

- Mobility And Flexibility Programming

- Access To Your Own Trainerize App To Track Your Workouts, Nutrition, And Progress

- Daily And Weekly Email Contact From Your Coach

- Progressive Programming Focused On Consistency


This gentle-flow class is designed for those looking to slow down the pace of yoga, but still keep it moving. Enjoy a mix of intentional movement, breath work, and restorative yoga postures. This practice will help relax, restore, and rejuvenate the mind and body.

6 FIT - $129

This is a 6-week program that is designed for those who are already sefl-motivated, self-efficient, and self-accountable. This program includes strength and conditioning programming and a nutritional blueprint for a quick boost, a much needed change, or to simply reboot your fitness program


This 8-week program is for you if you are somewhat self-motivatedbut value the accountability of someone pushing you. You likely have a busy schedule and find it hard to fit in exercise and healthy eating into your schedule. Programming is goal-oriented with weekly check-ins and video conference calls.


"You are what you repeatedly do". The whole focus of your new normal coaching is focus on the long-term. This is a 12-week program, specifially so we can focus on a lifestyle change from day one. While we are focusing on the long-term, we also understand that life happens. There will be struggles and setbacks along the way, that's just how life works. With daily contact and motivation we will develop a new normal so that your health and fitness becomes part of your daily routine.